Camperdown Town Victoria & Community Centre

Place for People to Enjoy

Camperdown Community Centre is a place for people to enjoy the company of others, meet new people, have fun, learn new skills, and make lasting impacts on the community. We provide an accommodating atmosphere for every community member to engage in various community activities that we organise and enjoy our services.

Our vision

To create an all-inclusive community where people can connect and engage with one another


We seek to provide a safe space for everyone where they can meet on mutual grounds to discuss, work together, celebrate, and build a peaceful community. We do this by:

  • Providing accessible opportunities for community members
  • Running and maintenance of an open community centre that provides safe space for community members
  • dentifying community needs and organising projects to fulfil such needs

What We Do

In line with our vision and to fulfil our mission, we provide various community-oriented services tailored to meet peculiar needs within Camperdown, Victoria and celebrate our common heritage and diversities.

Our services include:

About Us

We are a hub for community members to meet, interact, and create lifelong connections that will help build personal and communal relationships. As a community-owned and operated centre, we organise various community-oriented activities and keep our door open for every member of the community.