Camperdown Community Centre provides accommodation for out of Towners and those in need of accommodation during our festival weekends. One of our goals is to make our festivals world-renowned and turn Camperdown Town, Victoria into a Mecca for tourists from all over Australia and the world who would attend the Robert Burns Festival and The Rock the clock festival. We are happy when tourists visit the town and attend our festivals as this not only generate more revenue for our local businesses, but it is also a chance to promote the cultural heritage and diversity of our town and gain new converts who will spread our positive image all over.

That is why we provide comfortable accommodation that gives festival attendees the proximity to all event venues and also allows them to get a full experience of the Camperdown life.

There are several top-notch hotels in Camperdown that you can book ahead of your trip and get the best service throughout the weekend. We understand how challenging trips can be and how disastrous unsatisfactory accommodation can be, so we ensure that you get the best service all round. Only by doing this can we convince you to come the following year, and years after that. These includes

Madden’s Commercial Hotel: This hotel has a bar, restaurant, free Wi-Fi, private parking, etc. as well if you can pay the extra cost. It offers different types of rooms, including single, double, twin, queen, and family-sized. So if you’re coming alone or with family, it is a great place to lodge in. There are various cafes and restaurant close by if you don’t want to eat hotel food.

Cascade Motel: Looking for a place to spend your rest periods during the festival weekend? Then you should try out this motel. It is affordable, close to the train station, very suitable for couples, and have rooms fully equipped with air conditioning, flat-screen TV, refrigerator, toaster, microwave, and equipment for making tea and coffee.

Heytesbury House: This house provides excellent fully equipped rooms and has a lovely garden where you can spend your evening if you’re not out having fun at one event or the other. It is a 10-minute drive from the train station and also close to the golf club where some of the festival activities will hold. So you can have a great weekend by yourself or with your friend or lover.

Many other motels and hotels all over the town provides great accommodation for attendees at our festivals. Just make sure you book early.

You can contact us for more details.