As much as many of us may not like it, age takes certain tolls on us and makes tasks that were once very simple to perform, difficult, and impossible without help. When one gets to this age where they can be referred to senior citizens, making aged or elderly care provisions is almost a necessity. It is the right thing to do and help us age with our dignity intact. If you’re in Camperdown Town, and you need this service, there is no reason to stress yourself looking around when the Camperdown Community Centre provides standard and quality aged care services.

The first thing you need to determine for yourself your loved ones is which type of care will work best in a particular circumstance. For instance, you can opt for home help where our caregiver provides aged care services for you in your residence and helps you cope with the difficulty of living independently as you grow older. There is also respite or short term care if what you need is someone to provide care services for a short while before a family member or someone else’s takes over. The third type is to move into a home instead of staying on in your residence. This is usually the best line of action when you can longer live independently in your home, even when you have a caregiver. At our Community Centre, we’ll give recommendations on which type of aged care service is best for you or your loved one.

Our aged care service includes

  • Household Maintenance: This will ensure your home is in good order even as you’re aging and daily chores such as grocery shopping, laundry, housekeeping, etc. are handled a professional caregiver
  • Personal Care: Our caregivers assist you in performing daily living activities such as meal preparation, bathing, dressing, etc.

We also provide

  • Healthcare service
  • Home modification to ensure mobility
  • Transportation where you have trouble driving

Our caregivers are focused on providing you or your loved ones with a wonderful old age experience. We are dedicated to your well-being and formulating care plans specifically designed for you.

We conduct a comprehensive interview with you and your loved ones where we get all the needed information, carry out background checks, discuss care plans and payments, etc. so that everything is settled ahead.

Our team of caregivers consists of experienced professionals who have dedicated their lives to this cause.

You can contact us today for further enquiries.