Are you thinking of going on an adventure, cross country or even within the state, why not do it in style? The best way to do it in style is with a motorhome or caravan. Not only does it offer you more convenience as regards travelling, but it also gives you the freedom to go as far as you want. You don’t have to worry about finding the right motel to stay in for the night or setting up camp after a long day exploring the countryside. The caravan offers you a vehicle, a kitchen, and bedroom all in one. You’ll agree that only a few things beat that.

Now you’re probably thinking of the cost of getting a caravan and how you may not be able to afford it, this is where you need us. Camperdown community centre provides caravan financing services for road trip enthusiasts, adventurers, and the likes who would like to see the countryside of Victoria and other parts of Australia but do not have the capital to walk into a dealership and buy caravan outright. We believe that money should not be an impediment to adventures, especially when you can always pay later, and this is a great investment in your personal wellbeing and happiness.

We offer low-interest caravan loans and other financing options, but we do more than this. We also provide advice, opinions, and recommendations on what type of caravan you should get if you don’t have one in mind yet. Our team stay up to date on every valuable information in the caravan industry, and we use this to help you get the best deal.

There are a lot of great places to travel to in Victoria. In Camperdown town alone, you can visit Mount Leura. Attending the Robert Burns festival or Rock the Clock in your caravan will save you the extra cost of looking for accommodation. There are many other great places such as Grampians National Park, Carlton Gardens, Great Otway National Park, Ballarat, Torquay and the great ocean road, and many others. Get a caravan and check the great spots all around Victoria.

Why Use Our Caravan Financing Service?

  • Flexible loans: caravan, motorhomes, camper trailer, recreational vehicles, name it, and you will find that We provide finance for all of them. There is no restriction on the type of loan you wish to get. You can secure loans that allow you to buy the caravan immediately, become the sole owner, and pay later. There is also hire purchase financing where you take possession of the caravan and become the sole owner after you have paid all instalments and fulfilled all loan obligations. Whichever form of finance you decide to use; the end is always the same – you have a caravan for your adventures. Part of our flexibility is also in the manner you choose to pay. You can always negotiate the loan terms and structure the repayment to your convenience, so your caravan does not become a burden to you.
  • Trusted Relationships with Lenders and Clients: As a community-owned and operated centre, we have strong ties with lenders in our town, Victoria state, and the whole of Australia as well. This is due to honesty and openness with which we conduct business on all ends. Our lending partners trust in our judgement, and we, in turn, ensure that this trust is never betrayed, the same goes for when dealing with our clients. We are frank and honest with them all the time and always encourage openness on their end too. In conducting our business, we are not looking to pass off a loan and close the deal. It is about satisfying our clients and ensuring they make the right decision at every turn.
  • Quick Approvals: the reason many people don’t seek financing is due to the complicated processes and bureaucracy that extends the application process for what seems like forever, and in the end, the loan is not granted. We ensure we are different in this respect. Do you need a caravan loan urgently as you can’t wait to start your adventure, we are here for you. The whole process takes only a matter of days, and all you have to do is submit certain documents, and we will handle the rest of the process for you, at a very speedy rate. And you don’t have to worry about your application getting rejected because of bad credit. Our lenders are most concerned with your ability to pay back the loan, once that can be ascertained, you are good to go.
  • 100% Loans with Competitive rates: While most financing services usually requires a deposit before granting you the loan, we provide our loans at 100% with no need for a down payment.

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