One of the things business spend money on most is purchasing new equipment. In fact, most times, new equipment are not affordable, and financing is needed to get the right equipment. Finding the right equipment financing service is essential if you are going to get the best deal for you and your business. At Camperdown community centre, our business is community improvement and people satisfaction, we believe that the right equipment for your business means better service for other community members and also more revenue for you, so we offer equipment financing solutions for businesses in need of it.

This form of financing is essential to business on many grounds. It is the only by purchasing the new and up-to-date equipment that any business can survive the increasing competitiveness within every industry. It is also a way to further expand your business, and before you know it, you can become an industry leader. But at the start of your business when it is still growing and trying to get a foothold, getting equipment financing for the usually expensive tools you need for the successful running of your business could be very difficult. Most traditional lenders such as banks are not willing to take that risk and bet on a horse that hasn’t run in the city derby. But at Camperdown community centre, we are willing to bet on you, because you are one of us. Regardless of whether you are new in the business or you just wish to get upgrade your equipment, there are financing options for you.

How We Can Help You

  • Variety of Equipment Options: We offer financing for all types of equipment, both used and new. We understand that it is not every time that you will need brand new equipment, especially when you can find a piece of cheaper and equally efficient used equipment. Whichever one you choose to go for, we can readily provide the financing needed to complete the deal.
  • Tailored to your business: Simply put, your business is our business. All financing options are structured in such a way that no matter the business you’re doing; you can get equipment financing. So, whether you’re in the medical line, food service industry, delivery and logistics, tourism, and any other you can think of. You can approach us for equipment financing, and we will find you the right deal.
  • Cover small and big purchases: Are you planning to buy equipment that costs over hundred thousand and you are worried that no lender will offer financing for such as expensive equipment, think twice and try us instead. We offer equipment financing for loans that are as high as half a million, and the terms of the loan are always drafted with easy repayment in mind. So you don’t have to worry about the various conditions that traditional lenders usually impose when you’re seeking a very high loan, the requirements don’t change radically, and you always have the freedom to renegotiate terms to your benefits.

We have all forms of equipment financing for you. This include

  • Asset Lease: This allows you to have the equipment and use it while the actual ownership is with the lender. Here, the lender is the one who buys the equipment on your behalf, and you pay monthly fees for the lease of the equipment, at the expiration of which you may decide to take ownership by paying a residual on the lease, continue the lease by refinancing the residual, or sell the equipment.
  • Equipment Rental: Here, the lender purchases the equipment on your behalf and rents it to you for a fixed period during which you pay rents on the equipment. Once the rental agreement expires, you can renew it, return the equipment to the lender, or buy the equipment at its market price at that point in time.
  • Chattel Mortgage: In this form of equipment financing, the lender advances money to you for the purchase of the equipment and after that take a Mortgage on the equipment as collateral for the loan and register its interest. Once you the complete payment, the interest is removed, and you become the full owner.
  • Hire purchase: This is one of the most effective forms of financing. You can hire a piece of equipment from the financer with an agreement to buy it at the end of the loan term. Thus, you make instalments payments which are usually the cost of the equipment plus interest, and once you have completed the payment, you become the owner of the equipment.
  • Direct financing: This is similar to personal loans where you get financing and use it for the purpose of your choice. The only difference here is that the purpose has been predetermined and you have to use the loan to purchase the agreed upon equipment.

You can get in touch with us to discuss your financing options.