Camperdown Community Centre provides home nursing services for community members in need of such. As a community-owned and operated centre, we are dedicated to improving the quality of lives for our community members in their own homes. We believe that a person’s home is their safest refuge. This is where most of their memories and experiences can be found. We have found that caring for people in their homes and familiar environment is very beneficial to their recovery. This is why home nursing service is one of our primary services.

We have various professional and qualified nurses in our team with experiences in providing home care services for both old and young. Our nurses are further trained to give home care services so as to ensure that you get the best care in the comfort of your homes.

Our nurses are also caregivers who are not just experienced and qualified in providing medical care but are also trustworthy, reliable, and compassionate people. They are trained to give you both medical and emotional support and respect your privacy while maintaining confidentiality. As part of our services, we carry out follow-ups on our clients after our service is completed or periodical revisions of the methods we’re currently using to determine how effective and in line with your needs.

Our nursing professionals are specialized in various areas such as oncology, aged care, palliative care, wound management, primary care, mental health, and cardiology. So, whatever your condition is, we have qualified professionals who can take care of you or your loved ones and aid your speedy recovery.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of our service, we draft a plan of care based on the needs of the person who needs the care, and we have supervisors who ensure the caregiver is following the plan of care. This is to ensure compliance with our high standards all the time. Each caregiver is expected to submit care notes which are reviewed and used to monitor improvements, side effects, and change in condition.

At Camperdown Community Centre, our care is flexible and tailored to meet each patient’s needs, abilities, medical history, preferences, interests, and personality. We do this through constant and open communication with the patient and their family members. Questions are asked on both ends, and we provide holistic answers.

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