Camperdown community centre is dedicated to improving the quality of lives of community members. This is why we provide financing services in the form of personal loans to help our town members in need for one purpose or another.

You can apply for personal loans for any purpose including but not limited to debt consolidation, purchasing equipment, educational purposes, vacation, unexpected medical bills, emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. A good example of an unforeseen event is the COVID 19 pandemic which has led to the loss of lives and livelihoods across different sectors, and our community members were significantly affected due to the double outbreak of the pandemic in Victoria.

Second COVID Outbreak in Victoria

After the first outbreak in January, which was quickly brought under control, the second outbreak has proved to be more dangerous as cases rose to as high as 700 cases daily on two different occasions. There have been various opinions on whether the Lockdown in Victoria was too early and perhaps this was responsible for the quick spread of the virus this time around. But the truth is that no one knows the root cause of this second outbreak and there are higher chances that there is more than one root cause. While people’s behaviour has played a significant role in the transmission with various gatherings held in different parts of the state, one cannot also ignore the fact that testing has been more aggressive in recent weeks and this has shown there are many more cases where no symptoms are shown at all.

World Health Organisation has identified three distinct categories of people as the key spreaders in this second outbreak. These are health providers, quarantine hotel staff, and family clusters. However, authorities are still looking into the interconnection between these three groups and hopes understanding their roles would help in combating the spread of the virus.

Fortunately, the state seems to have reached and passed its peak at 700 cases daily with cases dropping to less than 500 per day for the past few weeks, if the trend continues in this manner, we should be able to the pandemic behind us in a matter of months. Achieving this is only possible if efforts are made to block all the leakages in the system through which the COVID-19 virus has access to infect people. As an expert rightly said, the novel coronavirus exploits any weakness it can find in the public health system. The major weakness in the Victoria public health system is the inadequate training of quarantine hotel workers in infection prevention which has led to improper handling of quarantined travellers, with most of them not cleared before being released. This is perhaps the root cause of the virus outbreak with most of the infections traced to returning travellers who lodged at two Melbourne hotels. However, community complacency has also aided the spread, and for there to be a permanent end to spread of the virus, there is a need for a more responsible community.

In response to the harsh financial conditions caused by the pandemic and its impacts on business and families, we’ve taken a step to provide financial support and stability for families within the community. We provide personal loans with a fixed interest rate and repayment spread over a long period so you can pay at your pace.

Why Use Us

  • Low-Interest rate: The interest rate for our loans is set very low so as not to burden you, especially given the current global financial situation. The rates are also fixed, so you know how much interest you will be paying throughout the life of the loan.
  • Flexible Repayment Structure: Loan repayment should not eat deep into your pocket and affect your lifestyle, we fully understand this, and it reflects the flexibility of our repayment options. You can structure how you want to pay back that loan based on personal conditions, and we are open to discussions on the length of the loan.
  • Pre-approval: thinking of shopping for what you wish to use the loan for with confidence. Then, we can pre-approve your loan, so you don’t have to worry.
  • Discounts: We also offer various discount options on fees and interests rates depending on several conditions—for instance, loans collected for the approved environment or environmental friendly purposes.
  • Easy Application Process:  securing a personal loan with us is relatively easy and straightforward, all you have to do is submit certain documents, and we’ll handle everything from there. The loan terms are well stated and explained to you, and all financial jargon is interpreted in ordinary language so you can understand the implications of what you’re getting into. There are no complicated terms, gimmicks, or hidden charges.

Contact us today to make enquiries on the process for getting low-interest personal loans.