Healthy feet are essential to healthy living. Even though most of us don’t pay attention to our feet until a problem comes up, the quality feet health can directly affect your life quality. However, if you do have foot problems, which means your feet has finally forced you to notice all the hard-walk they do for you, we provide podiatrist services.

Common feet problems include

  • Skin problems
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Sprains
  • Arch and heel pain
  • Problems due to medical conditions such as arthritis and diabetes

If you have any of these issues or even a general problem with your lower limb health generally, you can get in touch with us for diagnosis, preventative care, and treatment.

Our podiatrists are specialists in different areas, such as children’s health, workplace, and sports. So whatever the root of your problem is, we will offer the best form of care in that specialty area to treat and prevent future occurrences. They are experienced professionals who continue to develop themselves through professional courses in order to stay ahead and ensure that you’re getting the most effective up-to-date treatment and care.

We use world-class equipment, treatment, practices to ensure full recovery of our client. With our innovative approach, which strives for the highest standards of care in a friendly and calm environment, you can rest assured that your time with us will be rewarding on all levels.

We offer different services which include

  • Clinical Podiatry: This includes an overall assessment of your feet, differentia treatments, and in necessary cases, surgery.
  • Video Gait Analysis: We diagnose various limb issues using motion analysis technology.
  • Foot Orthotics: we use digital scans to create fitting shoe inserts that will help align your ankle and enhance your posture.
  • Fungal Nail Treatment: fungal toenail infections are challenging to treat using creams and other traditional treatments due to the high chances of reinfection and the speed at which they spread to other toes, but not for us. We use the latest laser technology to treat it once and for all effectively.
  • Diabetic footcare: diabetes can have severe effects on the feet due to impairment in circulation. Ignoring its effects on your feet and legs can lead to infection and, in worst cases, amputation. We help you to manage through periodic diagnosis and treatments if need be.

We provide many other services as well, all tailored to guarantee the wellbeing of your lower limbs.

Contact us to make further enquiries.