This festival celebrates the renowned poet, storyteller, composer, and verse maker, Robert Burns, who is regarded as the National Bard of Scotland. He was born in 1759 in Ayrshire, and his poetry is considered to be the best testament to the proud literary history of Scotland. At Camperdown Community Centre, the organisation of this festival is one of our core annual activities, and we ensure that both resident and out of towners have a great time throughout the whole event.

The festival started due to the vandalism of Robert Burns statue in Camperdown botanical gardens. The statute was discovered to be the oldest Burns statue in the world, so efforts were made to keep it safe by storing in a safer and less public space. The safekeeping costs were high and to pay for it, some members of the community decided to organise a fundraiser concert where the proceeds will go to providing for the safekeeping of the oldest Robert Burns statue in the world.

Since we started, the festival has been growing in popularity, and even though it is still a small-town festival, our goal is to keep improving on it until we turn Camperdown into a Mecca for Robert Burns fans and lovers of good music all over the world. Part of the global recognition we’ve gotten so far is the attendance of the Robert Burns World Federation president at our festival.

The festival is a community celebration of all things Scottish and includes various activities apart from the music. Attendees can go golfing, attend events where talks are delivered on Burns, and also try whiskey tasting. With a lot of venues all within Camperdown, attendees have varying options of places where they can be. There is live music of various genres from Opera to Scottish folk music, and there are also children-oriented activities for those who decide to attend with their kids.

The festival also includes other activities such as poetry reading, hill runs, Scottish traditional dancing, food, and workshops; all focused on the strong links that our town and neighbouring towns have with Scottish history and culture.

As part of the preparation for the festival, we organise Robert Burns Art competition for children in schools and award fantastic prizes to the winners. This is part of the ways we build the excitement of community members of all ages in the festival.

At each edition of this festival, over fifty artists from different parts of the world perform and dazzle the audience with their music and with so much music all around; you are definitely going to dance.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 edition of the festival could not hold. However, we have already put plans in place to organise a virtual festival in 2021. Different artists have already confirmed their appearance for the 2021 festival, and we are planning day and night to ensure there are no glitches.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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