As part of our yearly activities, we also organise Rock the Clock Festival. This is a rock and roll festival that celebrates music as well as retro and vintage styles. It was started in 2017 to replace the defunct Camperdown Cruise Rockabilly Festival. This festival celebrates good rock music and allows members of the community and visitors to connect to the universal language of man ā€“ music.

This festival is first of all about music, but it also features other activities such as fashion, cars, dance, markets, etc. throughout the whole weekend that the program lasts for.

Several artists have performed at the festival and in the 2019 Edition, performing musicians and bands include Palomino III, Kieron McDonald & The Westernairs, The Fenders Benders, Zydeco Jump, Kid James Trio, Racheal Brady and The Moonshine Special, Pete Daffy Band, and Robyn and The Rancheros.

There are various events for you to attend both outdoor and indoor. As an attendee, you can always find free entertainment in the street and at the Clock tower stage. But the real fun is in the various pubs as well as Theatre Royal Complex. These are the places where you will get the best performances from headline artists as they serve you the best in rock and roll.

As part of innovations to make the festival more exciting, we also include other events in the schedule. These include:

  • Rock the Clock Legend Variety and Talent Competition
  • Bike and Car Show ‘n’ Shine
  • Dance Competition in partnership with the Victorian Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll Dance Association
  • Under 25s Elvis Competition in partnership with Corangamite Youth Council.
  • Dance Lessons
  • Drive-in Movie

We are able organise this program in partnership with local organisations, business owners, and youth. Community youth participate in the festival as volunteers in various events, and this helps to breed a sense of camaraderie and foster belongingness in the community youth.

Local business owners also benefit significantly from the tourism that the festival generates, and they do everything they can to keep this iconic festival alive. They support through donations and sponsorship of various events of the whole festival.

The music at the festival is as diverse as it can come when it comes to Rock and Roll. You will enjoy genres and subgenres such as blues, rockabilly, swing, honky-tonk, and zydeco. With that much funky music all around, you’d have no choice but dance even if it is just shaking your head to all the melodious tunes.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the festival from holding in 2020 due to the health risks and the impact on finances for local businesses who usually support the event. However, plans have already been put in motion to hold the festival in 2021 and fundraising has already begun to ensure it returns bigger and better.

We look forward to having you in attendance to enjoy the best rock and roll weekend of your life.

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