At Camperdown community centre, our entire culture is built on volunteering. We believe that for a community and the world at last to develop, there is a need for people to come together and push toward progressive change. While the government can provide many things, it can do all things, and it would be wrong to expect it to try.

All our programs and projects are done with volunteers from different part of Camperdown town. Thus, volunteering is not just about getting the job done for us; it is also about bringing people together across the diverse cultural backgrounds in our community and fostering long-lasting bonds and relationship. As the saying goes, the more, the merrier.

In line with our mission of building an all-inclusive community focused on both human and community development, we encourage and enlist people from all segment of the society, regardless of creed, colour, sex, age, or political leanings to work with us in order to build a better community. We believe that with such a diverse population of people, we can be a melting point for world-changing ideas.

The most active age group among our volunteers are the youth who always take advantage of our festivals – the Robert Burns Scottish Music Festival and Rock the Clock festival – to show the world the brilliance and effectiveness that they are made of.

Our volunteering projects include:

  • Skills training projects: we teach various skills to people in the community and enlist the help of artisans and tradesmen who serve as volunteers for these projects.
  • Environmental Projects: with the rise in environmental awareness due to the effects of climate change, global warming, and man’s irrational use of non-renewable and renewable resources. We organise environmental friendly projects which can be in the form of awareness, clean-up, recycling, rallies, etc.
  • Educational projects: We also visit local community schools to sensitise them on various topics such as career, sex, and other prevalent issues that could be of interest.
  • Festivals: the success of the two festivals organised in Camperdown town is owed partially to the volunteers who enlist every year to coordinate different events, handle logistics, and do everything to ensure that each festival weekend is a success no matter the prevailing weather conditions at the time. In fact, these festivals were started by volunteers who saw the need to preserve things that are of value to the community.
  • Infrastructural Projects: part of our volunteering goal is to identify our community needs and do our best to fill that need. In instances where those needs are infrastructural, we seek donations from community members to actualise it.

If you’re wondering why we place so much focus on volunteering, it is because of the various benefits it offers. It provides an opportunity to make a big difference with a little contribution, become part of a close-knit community, learn new skills and experiences, achieve goals that would have appeared challenging, and have a good time overall.

You can contact us today to make enquiries about volunteering opportunities.